Black silk satin robe and nightgown set with lace

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This luxurious robe and nightgown set is designed to make you feel sexy and elegant. The classic look makes this fancy dressing gown a must-have for your home and bedroom. The robe is both casual and elegant, you may wear it at the hen party or spontaneously around your home daily. It is also an amazing outfit for your vacation, to wear on the beautiful beach or by the pool as a cover-up.

♥ Robe neck to hem length - 90 cm/36"  (the length can be adjusted according to your height)
♥ Wrap-around style with wide long sleeves.
♥ Tie wais  (+inner belt)
♥ Nightgown length 80cm = 31.49". By the side seam 66cm = 26" (the length can be adjusted according to your height)
♥ Relaxed fit. Falls loosely over the body 
♥ Wide variety of colors is available
♥ Handmade on order

 Made in Ukraine.