Bridal long lace robe and silk satin midi slip set.

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This luxurious set is designed to make you feel sexy and elegant. The classic look makes this fancy dressing gown a must-have for your home and bedroom.

Robe is made of French lace in a kimono style with a lowered shoulder line so it is as comfortable as it gets.
♥ Neck to hem length - 130 cm/51.2" 
♥ The robe has an inner belt for the better fit

♥ Slip made of Silk Satin or Natural silk
♥ Straps can be adjusted
♥ Perfect cut and neat stitches
♥ Length 110cm = 43.3"
♥ By the side seem 90 cm = 32.4" 

♥ Handmade on order

♥ Models are wearing size Small - 36EU- 4US, Slip - Color white #01 - Japanese silk satin
♥ Model measurements:  ( Bust 32.6"/ 83cm Waist 24,4"/ 62cm Hips 35.4"/ 90cm Height  5' 5" / 165cm )

Made in Ukraine.